Florida Farrier Service

We look to reshape the way farriers' interact with clients. Our clients have come to realize that being a part of the FFS family not only provides you with world class equine service but it also gives you access to a fast growing community of like minded, goal oriented competitors that constantly push one another. Florida Farrier Service has positioned itself to give our horses the edge, whether through our partnerships with industry leading veterinarians or our connections within the equine products industry to supply your athlete with its exact needs, we are always there.

Schedule Consultations

We offer consultations that allows us to diagnose your equine athletes concerns as well as create a plan for them to succeed in the future

Multi-Farrier Operation

Our ability to have more than one farrier allows us to better serve our clients through scheduling while maintaining our high expectations of performance

Therapeutic Cases

With over 30 years of experience, access to state-of-the-art equipment and relationships with leading veterinarians we are able to work together to provide your athlete with one of a kind care


Because of our relationships with experts across the equine field we are going to be launching a blog that will allow us to help educate our clients with the secrets of success

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • To begin, my gelding is a hard club footed case. I have gone back and forth between local farriers for years, and no one could get him sound or quite right. But about a year ago, my horse Louie became laminitic due to a mixture of the rich spring/summer grass and aggressive angle correction on his club foot. He was visibly in a lot of pain, tip-toeing over the concrete and standing in a rocking horse posture to relieve toe pressure. As soon as I called Florida Farrier Service. They accommodated us that day and came and put pads, cushions, and the correct shoes on for some relief. Within the hour he was standing square and feeling much more comfortable. His pedal pulses decreased to a normal rate, his temperature decreased, and his appetite returned. I am so grateful for Clayton’s promptness, knowledge, and most of all, his heart. He truly cares about these animals, big or small, and it reflects directly in his work! I am finally able to compete on Louie (comfortably) and not worry about his hooves! We didn’t have any laminitis issues this year, and will continue to use FFS for years to come!
    Kaitlin Chieca
  • Clayton and Teri are amazing people. Teri always responds quickly even on weekends, early in the morning, late at night. She is very helpful and caring. Clayton is very knowledgeable and caring. He tries his hardest no matter the circumstance. My horse has a new problem almost every time Clayton see him, Clayton tries his hardest to help make my horse as comfortable as possible. And he answers all my ridiculous questions. Don’t know what my horse and I would do without you guys thank you for all that you do.
    Montana Zito
  • By far the best in the business! Both Clayton and his wife Terri are kind, caring and Clayton is amazing to work with and definitely has helped my horses tremendously!
    Angie Hammock