Clayton Wilber

Clayton has been around horses his entire life. He started riding at an early age and followed that with competing in rodeos. His love for the sport grew and out of necessity he learned to shoe his horses to be able to keep them sound while competing. Being an avid horsemen afforded him the ability to understand all of the variables it took to keep a horse sound and performing at its maximum potential. Fast forward several years, lots of hard work, determination and passion for the industry has culminated into the desire to help every horse be as happy, healthy and sound as possible by starting with their feet. Clayton's knowledge and experience in the field allows him to successfully diagnose and treat even the most serious cases. He believes to keep a horse sound it must be a team effort of farrier, owner and the other equine professionals involved in its care.

Teri Wilber

Teri is the other half of the team that created FFS. During the early years, Teri worked as a teacher and during her lunch break her time was filled trying to schedule clients as well as juggling other business obligations. FFS soon outgrew her ability to only manage part time and so she began her administrative duties full time. If you have ever emailed, called or scheduled an appointment with FFS it was Teri on the other line. Through many years, Teri and Clayton have worked to create a company that emphasizes what they believe matters most, Family. Although time has passed and the business has grown Teri and Clayton still maintain the same beliefs as when it began, to help every horse stay happy and healthy as well as performing at its maximum potential.